What is Gametel?

It’s a Bluetooth games controller designed initially for Android phones and Tablets. However it will work with iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Windows.

Who is Gametel geared towards?

People who want a better gaming experience with real buttons instead of a touch display.

Can I use Gametel with any system other than Android?

Yes. Gametel is compatible with other systems with Bluetooth like iPhone, iPad and Windows.

When will Gametel be released?

Mid December 2011

Which games are compatible with Gametel?

For Android compatible games click here
For games compatible with iPhone/iPad look for iCade compatible games

Is Gametel compatible with iOS?

Yes. But there are a limited number of games. All games compatible with iCade are compatible with Gametel as well.
If you are a developer please contact us!

Can I develop for Gametel?

Yes, of course! Contact us at [email protected]

Does Gametel support emulators?

Does multiplayer work on iOS?

No, this is because of the way Gametel communicates with the phone or tablet.