Mario & Samus Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!

I want you all to know that I think highly enough of my readers to comfortably assume that your memory is strong enough that you can go back a few hours time where I gave you the release dates for “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ & “Metroid: The Other M”. I mean, you guys can probably read, and mastered the internet enough to, at the very least, bookmark TheSpin, so there’s no need to tell you again, is there?

If, by some chance you’ve got the memory of a 95 year old man, you can at least follow the page do

wn just a bit further and read that post, right? Oh, alright! You win, I’ll succumb to the pressure and go along with this charade.

As I posted here Nintendo held a Media Summit today in San Francisco, my invitation was lost in the mail. Prior to this event, as in yesterday, they announced the time frame for the release of Galaxy 2 and Other M would be between June & August. As you can guess, this infuriated me to no end. The only thing I dislike more than vague “release windows” would probably be a Canadian Ginger. It’s hard to say as I’ve been lucky enough to have not encountered that mythical beast yet, but I fear that sooner or later my day will come. That day is not today, but today is the day that Ninty announced the actual day they would release the soon to be mega-hits. (Side-note: Man, I just used the word day a lot there.

Like, A LOT.) Since I’ve let the anticipation build to a proper level allow me to announce those dates to you, again. “Metroid: The Other M” will be released on June 27. That’s really not that far away if you think about it. I mean, it’s like four months or so, but we’re almost in the third month of the year, so you do the math. (Side-note: Is it just me, or is this post making anyone else’s brain hurt?) “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ will come out a month before Samus gets her game on, with a scheduled release date of May 23. This date makes me happy and sad; it’ll be here before we know it, but I’m pretty sure Mrs. Mike and I will be on holiday when it comes out and she wouldn’t be too happy if I spent our vacation playing Wii.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Is this post going anywhere or is this another one where he just rambles because he can’t think of anything worthwhile to put up?” Yes, this post is going somewhere and we’re pretty much there.

Since Cammie and Ninty apparently misplaced my media credentials at the same time they did my address, I don’t yet have access to all the media that’s been put out. Luckily for you, Kotaku has and they’ve been friendly enough to post it up. If you’re looking for a gallery full of beautiful screens from “The Other M”, you should check the link. I’ll post a couple of choice ones below, be warned that Nintendo has said that these are of higher resolution than the Wii can put out, so don’t get your hopes too high. I’ll also post the new trailer for “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ for your viewing enjoyment.

These two games look stupidly good, and the fact that they are coming out early summer indicates to me that Nintendo has something big planned for the holidays. Maybe that oft-rumored Wii HD? Time will tell. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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