Netflix Ships & Mario Gets Art!!

Spring is here and it’s brought not only warm weather, but the realization that I still don’t get to go to PAX. Yup, yet another convention is coming and going even though I’m not there. I guess they didn’t get the memo to wait till I got there to start. I refuse to believe that they got the memo and chose to ignore it. Surely TheSpin has earned more respect than that. Nah, they didn’t get the memo; I guess I should do a better job of remembering to send these things out before E3 starts…

If you are one of my faithful followers, then there’s no way you missed the news that Netflix is coming to the Wii. Well, I have good news for the thousands of you that have been patiently waiting beside your mailbox for that little red envelope to show up, your wait is almost over. Netflix officially started shipping out disks today so yours should be coming any day now. If for some reason you forgot to register for the disk, or aren’t a member of Netflix yet, follow the link to sign up and request your streaming disk today.

Look at Mario up there gleefully skipping along with his Netflix disk in hand. He’s such a lovable little plumber. Everything about the guy just exudes happiness and joy. Even the box art that is used for his games can make you smile. I bet when Reggie and Cammie show Mario the art for the first time before each game he exclaims, “It’sa Me Box Arttt!!” I’d love to be their for such an unveiling…I’m not going to lose too much sleep over it though, I can always find the box art and post it up here for the world to admire. In fact, I think I’ll start that tradition now with the box art for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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