What the media is saying about Gametel

“When it comes to performance the Gametel is top notch. Death to pretend buttons!”
– Classic Game Room, Mar 2012

“During our play-test we found the rolling D-pad a joy to use, and the rubberised gripping mechanism works better than we’d dare wish.

If you’re truly serious about classic gaming on your phone then this ranks as a peripheral you’ll want to take a close look at.”
– Know Your Mobile, Mar 2012

“Fans of rolling d-pads will be very pleased with the one sported by the Gametel; it features a slightly concave disc-like pad with notches to help your thumb pick out directions. This design makes it easy to perform smooth half or quarter-circle motions – an essential quality for fighting games and something that could prove very useful when Street Fighter 4 dragon-punches its way to Android phones later this year.”
– Eurogamer, Feb 2012

“One area the Gametel does really well in is emulation. Anybody that is a hardcore emulation addict will know that playing the classic games using a touchscreen is a pretty bad experience. The Gametel really allows you to play the games properly and makes fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 so much better to play. The buttons and D-pad can take a battering and no matter how hard you play, the Gametel keeps on running.

If you are really serious about your gaming on Android and you don’t own an Xperia Play then the Gametel is a great thing to own…it really goes well with the many emulators and platform games available on the Android Market. Quite simply if you are into your retro games then you need to buy this controller.”
– Android MoDaCo, Feb 2012

“Despite how far touchscreen controls have come, they don’t come close to physical hardware when playing games, and the Gametel really highlights this. It’s comfy to use and works really well…”
– Daily Mirror, 6th Jan 2012

“The Gametel is a great concept and a vital accessory for the mobile gamer”
– Best Innovation Award, Android Magazine, Jan 2012

“I find that using the gamepad that games are much more responsive that using on screen controls, and you get the added bonus of being able to see the whole screen as your fingers aren’t in the way. I actually find that I’m much better at games when using the Gametel gamepad too. I’ve tested the device on phones as well as on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it works great on all screen sizes.

I’m very happy with the Gametel gamepad. It really does add much more to gaming on android. I find that I enjoy games a lot more due to the more accurate control I have. The number of games supported is also quite large. It seems to work with most games that have an on-screen dpad/action buttons which are the games you’ll be primarily playing……I would definitely recommend this accessory to any android owner that loves to play games on their mobile.”
– Droid Den, Jan 2012

“Asphalt 5 HD was our initial guinea pig and the Gametel certainly wowed with its responsiveness. There were no issues with latency or connectivity and it undoubtedly made for a more enjoyable experience than using on-screen controls. Trial Xtreme was the second title and again, the experience was smooth and seamless.

It (Gametel) does make mobile gaming a viable option for a host more Android devices out there, that otherwise, probably wouldn’t be seeing much action past Angry Birds. Size and weight are minimal, battery life is an impressive 9 hours and it does its job well.

For those of you wanting to enhance your mobile gaming experience, without locking yourself into the Xperia PLAY or forking out the extra cash for a Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita, the Gametel offers a low cost alternative (it retails for £50 on Amazon UK) that might just be right for you, and if you get bored for the day, it’s not stuck on your device for good.”
– GSM Arena, Dec 2011

“Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? A joypad for Android phones and tablet which makes playing games easy. Simply slot your phone in or play wirelessly when linked to your TV or tablet and you can have a fully featured console that gives the Nintendo DD and Wii a serious run for their money – 5 Stars”
– What Mobile, Dec 2011

“In our test the game pad worked really well. It’s thick enough to balance out the phone it is strapped to so the device doesn’t feel top heavy.”
– Tech Radar, Nov 2011

“At last, you can enjoy games that – no matter how impressive your phone might be in the screen and processing department – simply don’t work well when controlled with on-screen joysticks and action buttons.

I hooked up a Motorola RAZR to a 42-inch TV and sat down to enjoy a quick blast of Cordy. It wasn’t long until I was downloading other titles and realising that any half-decent Android smartphone can become a respectable game console in seconds.

There’s no denying the fact that some games border on unplayable with a touchscreen alone. If you decided against the Xperia Play, but still want to play more than the most casual games, here’s a viable alternative.”
– Pocket Gamer, Nov 2011

“Not only do you get a D-pad and four buttons, the Gametel also packs two triggers for console-style FPS gaming and a none-too-shabby nine hour battery life. Which makes us wonder whether the PS Vita (with its pre-order price of £280) will be greeted with a chorus of boos when it eventually decides to grace us with its presence.

Consoles like the Xbox 720 aren’t safe either, since up to four Gametel controllers can be used for multiplayer gaming when one Android device is hooked up to a HDTV via HDMI. Add a quad-core smartphone like the leaked HTC Edge into the mix and suddenly we might not be too far from having enough power in our phones to handle console quality graphics without forking out for more hardware.”
–, Nov 2011

“The new Gametel controller in effect turns your Android phone, be it HTC or Samsung, into an Xperia Play allowing you to play games without the faff of on-screen control”
– Pocket-Lint, Nov 2011