Samurai Warriors 3, Red Steel 2 & BAFTA!!!

When Mrs. Mike and I first got together I was kind of your typical 20 year-old single guy. I had a job in a restaurant that paid well and with no responsibilities other than rent, I could pretty much waste away as much as I wanted to. Then came the announcement of the PS2 and it’s Gran Turismo 3 bundle. I was so hyped over getting this, even though it was somet like $400 or another stupid amount, and she probably thought I was crazy.

Especially when I actually bought it and then told my roommate at the time to stop bitching about rent money and she’d get it when I had it. Ahh, to be 20 again… Anyway, one of my favorite games for the PS2 was Dynasty Warriors 3. The chaos on screen was awesome and I loved every second of it. If you’re like me, then you should be thrilled by the news that Samurai Warriors 3 is coming exclusively to the Wii. I know that that the Warrior franchise has pretty much exhausted itself on the HDC’s, but this is Wii’s first title in the series. (Side-note: Seriously, you can’t go 3 months without hearing about a new Warrior game.

I’m pretty sure Barbie Warriors 37 is about to come out for the 360…) The game will feature 2-player online & offline co-op modes as well as a fleshed out story mode. Samurai Warriors 3 has a vague release window of Fall 2010, so it can’t be that long before your screen will be filled tons of ancient asian soldiers looking to rip your face off. While you wait, check the trailer for the game below.

One of the things that comes with writing a blog as immensely popular as TheSpin is the fact that your inbox will get flooded with offers for advertising. Typically I’ll just toss these into the spam box with no thought because it just doesn’t fit. Every now and then something comes up that is a bit promising and I may pass it on to the powers that be. (Side-note: As far as you, dear reader, are concerned I am the powers that be. However, when it comes to making actual real life adult decisions for TheSpin, I’m lucky in that I don’t have to deal with that stress. I can just sit back and enjoy writing for you to enjoy reading.) Where was I? Oh, recently I got an invitation to predict the winners of the BAFTA Gaming Awards.

The BAFTA’s are a British thing, I’m pretty sure, not that it really matters because games are universal.

Whatever, if my predictions are spot on the site running the contest,, will hook me up with some nice Amazon cash to blow on games. (Side-note: The site is one of those you can go to if you’re looking for good deals from Amazon or, which is also a Brit site. This was my shameless plug for the contest holders. Sorry.) I’m in. I love contests, especially if it means I’ll win something I’d actually use.

So, right down there will be my predictions for the winners. I’m also going to post an awesome video from IGN that goes a bit into Red Steel 2. You know, just for kicks. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

Best Action Game: Modern Warfare 2
Artistic Achievement: Flower
Best Game: Modern Warfare 2
Family & Social: New Super Mario Bros.
Gameplay: New Super Mario Bros.
Sports: FIFA 10
Strategy: Plants vs. Zombies

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