Mario & Samus Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!

I want you all to know that I think highly enough of my readers to comfortably assume that your memory is strong enough that you can go back a few hours time where I gave you the release dates for “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ & “Metroid: The Other M”. I mean, you guys can probably read, and mastered the internet enough to, at the very least, bookmark TheSpin, so there’s no need to tell you again, is there?

If, by some chance you’ve got the memory of a 95 year old man, you can at least follow the page do

wn just a bit further and read that post, right? Oh, alright! You win, I’ll succumb to the pressure and go along with this charade.

As I posted here Nintendo held a Media Summit today in San Francisco, my invitation was lost in the mail. Prior to this event, as in yesterday, they announced the time frame for the release of Galaxy 2 and Other M would be between June & August. As you can guess, this infuriated me to no end. The only thing I dislike more than vague “release windows” would probably be a Canadian Ginger. It’s hard to say as I’ve been lucky enough to have not encountered that mythical beast yet, but I fear that sooner or later my day will come. That day is not today, but today is the day that Ninty announced the actual day they would release the soon to be mega-hits. (Side-note: Man, I just used the word day a lot there.

Like, A LOT.) Since I’ve let the anticipation build to a proper level allow me to announce those dates to you, again. “Metroid: The Other M” will be released on June 27. That’s really not that far away if you think about it. I mean, it’s like four months or so, but we’re almost in the third month of the year, so you do the math. (Side-note: Is it just me, or is this post making anyone else’s brain hurt?) “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ will come out a month before Samus gets her game on, with a scheduled release date of May 23. This date makes me happy and sad; it’ll be here before we know it, but I’m pretty sure Mrs. Mike and I will be on holiday when it comes out and she wouldn’t be too happy if I spent our vacation playing Wii.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Is this post going anywhere or is this another one where he just rambles because he can’t think of anything worthwhile to put up?” Yes, this post is going somewhere and we’re pretty much there.

Since Cammie and Ninty apparently misplaced my media credentials at the same time they did my address, I don’t yet have access to all the media that’s been put out. Luckily for you, Kotaku has and they’ve been friendly enough to post it up. If you’re looking for a gallery full of beautiful screens from “The Other M”, you should check the link. I’ll post a couple of choice ones below, be warned that Nintendo has said that these are of higher resolution than the Wii can put out, so don’t get your hopes too high. I’ll also post the new trailer for “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ for your viewing enjoyment.

These two games look stupidly good, and the fact that they are coming out early summer indicates to me that Nintendo has something big planned for the holidays. Maybe that oft-rumored Wii HD? Time will tell. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.…

Amazing Red Steel 2 Video!!!

All day long the heavens have been dumping this horrible rain/snow/slush mix all over The A. It’s almost like it can’t decide what it wants to be, or exactly how much it wants to inconvenience me. I mean, snow I can handle, and we’ve had a bit this year. Sure, I won’t be getting off early or have a day off, but at least it looks nice. Rain is about the same, only without the pretty, though it is nice to curl up on the couch and stay inside on cold, rainy days.

This, though, is about unbearable. I bet the weatherman have no idea what to do since it’s snowing in parts of what they call “The Atlanta Area” and other parts are probably only getting cold rain. (Side-note: Am I the only one who lives in a metro area who doesn’t give a damn what happens in the suburbs? Seriously, I don’t even know where some of these places are, yet I have to hear about a tree falling in someone’s yard, or a sinkhole eating someone’s house.

I’m watching a news station based in Atlanta, just give me Atlanta news. Let those other places handle themselves. I mean, I really don’t care what happens in Kennesaw unless it’s like they found Santa Clause and he wants to give me the winning lotto numbers…) Maybe one of the “meteorologists”, I use this term loosely because I feel like they probably got their degree from Devry “University”, will get so confused his circuits will cross and we’ll find out he’s really a robot spy sent by the Decepticons to lead the first wave of attacks.

As I’ve mentioned here a ridiculous amount of times, I am retardedly hyped over the upcoming title, Red Steel 2. The sequel to Ubisoft’s launch title flop is more than just a game; it is, in my humble opinion, a measuring stick for the future of Wii gaming. The fact that Ubi has made WiiMotion+ a necessity to play the game is a bold move that many developers are sure to follow, especially if it’s a gamble that pays off. We all know the original Red Steel was a bit terrible, but RS2 looks like it will make us completely forget its flawed namesake. Not only is the game going to be stupid fun to play, it is also looking to set a major bar for game design and graphics.   Everything I’ve seen of the game I’ve loved and shared.

I truly believe that when Red Steel 2 launches in a few weeks, gamers everywhere will take a step back and realize how good the Wii is, and how amazingly fun it can be to play a game that incorporates motion control in an engaging manner without feeling like a dumbed down title, or even worse, a tech-demo.

If you want to get a true feel of the graphics, there’s an amazing new video which shows the process of fleshing out one of the characters, Tamiko. It’s a speed drawing that, in my opinion, is jaw-dropping. Playing at 200% speed you can see almost the full process of the developers drawing out the badass love interest in the game. I will embed it in SD, but I highly recommend you checking the video in 720p, it’s absolutely gorgeous! There’s also a fairly new video showcasing some ridiculous gameplay elements that I’ll post for you guys too. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.…

Samurai Warriors 3, Red Steel 2 & BAFTA!!!

When Mrs. Mike and I first got together I was kind of your typical 20 year-old single guy. I had a job in a restaurant that paid well and with no responsibilities other than rent, I could pretty much waste away as much as I wanted to. Then came the announcement of the PS2 and it’s Gran Turismo 3 bundle. I was so hyped over getting this, even though it was somet like $400 or another stupid amount, and she probably thought I was crazy.

Especially when I actually bought it and then told my roommate at the time to stop bitching about rent money and she’d get it when I had it. Ahh, to be 20 again… Anyway, one of my favorite games for the PS2 was Dynasty Warriors 3. The chaos on screen was awesome and I loved every second of it. If you’re like me, then you should be thrilled by the news that Samurai Warriors 3 is coming exclusively to the Wii. I know that that the Warrior franchise has pretty much exhausted itself on the HDC’s, but this is Wii’s first title in the series. (Side-note: Seriously, you can’t go 3 months without hearing about a new Warrior game.

I’m pretty sure Barbie Warriors 37 is about to come out for the 360…) The game will feature 2-player online & offline co-op modes as well as a fleshed out story mode. Samurai Warriors 3 has a vague release window of Fall 2010, so it can’t be that long before your screen will be filled tons of ancient asian soldiers looking to rip your face off. While you wait, check the trailer for the game below.

One of the things that comes with writing a blog as immensely popular as TheSpin is the fact that your inbox will get flooded with offers for advertising. Typically I’ll just toss these into the spam box with no thought because it just doesn’t fit. Every now and then something comes up that is a bit promising and I may pass it on to the powers that be. (Side-note: As far as you, dear reader, are concerned I am the powers that be. However, when it comes to making actual real life adult decisions for TheSpin, I’m lucky in that I don’t have to deal with that stress. I can just sit back and enjoy writing for you to enjoy reading.) Where was I? Oh, recently I got an invitation to predict the winners of the BAFTA Gaming Awards.

The BAFTA’s are a British thing, I’m pretty sure, not that it really matters because games are universal.

Whatever, if my predictions are spot on the site running the contest,, will hook me up with some nice Amazon cash to blow on games. (Side-note: The site is one of those you can go to if you’re looking for good deals from Amazon or, which is also a Brit site. This was my shameless plug for the contest holders. Sorry.) I’m in. I love contests, especially if it means I’ll win something I’d actually use.

So, right down there will be my predictions for the winners. I’m also going to post an awesome video from IGN that goes a bit into Red Steel 2. You know, just for kicks. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

Best Action Game: Modern Warfare 2
Artistic Achievement: Flower
Best Game: Modern Warfare 2
Family & Social: New Super Mario Bros.
Gameplay: New Super Mario Bros.
Sports: FIFA 10
Strategy: Plants vs. Zombies…

A Reaction to Playstation Move…

So, I was pretty sure I put this up yesterday, but I was in a flu/crappy weather induced fog and may have been imagining it. I’m not gonna treat you with one of my staple pre-news rants today, so let’s jump right in…

If you pay any attention to the world of gaming then you know that this week is the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. As with every major gaming conference, my invitation and press passes were lost in the mail. Luckily the interwebs, in all her Nobel Prize nominated glory, has my back. The biggest thing out of GDC so far is Sony’s announcement of Playstation Move, the company’s take on motion controls.

A ton has been made about the obvious similarities between PSMove & Nintendo’s own Wiimote. Yes, the controllers do look a like. Yes, there is a nunchuck styled add-on that Sony has dubbed “the Subcontroller.” (Side-note: Nunchucks are cool and all but I’d be more afraid of a ninja who told me to hold on a second while he prepared his subcontroller than one who had me wait for him to get his nunchucks out. I mean, it sounds like something that could be easily be described as being at Defcon 4. Just sayin’…) And yes, they both are focused on party/family games despite the Kool-Aid each respective company wants us to drink.

Basically, Sony realized they liked Wii flavored Skittles so decided to come out with their own flavor and call it something else. I’m sure you’re thinking that as a distinguished and well known author who focuses on the Wii that I’d be appalled by this. Hate to break it to you, but I’m not. In fact, I have high hopes that this will help, rather than hinder, both the Wii and the PS3. I’m gonna put it out there right now: Sony & Ninty will learn to play nice and may even become best friends, even if only for a bit…

I’m known more for being completely BA and a bit cynical than I am for making predictions, but I’ve got three predictions on how this will affect the Wii. (Side-note: I’m aware of the fact that my words carry a bit of weight around the internets, but neither myself nor WiiSpin feel comfortable enough putting any sort of guarantee on these predictions. In fact, let’s go ahead and say that it’s entirely possible that none of these come to fruition. However, if they do then you all need to recognize you heard it here first. Taste the rainbow son!)

1. We’re gonna see more cross platform games specializing in motion control and the number of ports is likely to explode. We already know that the previously Wii exclusive title, The Lord of the Rings: Aragon’s Quest, is being ported to the PS3 with full motion support, don’t be surprised to realize this is just the first of many games on either side to get that fancy port treatment.

2. Nintendo is going to step up it’s game when it comes to online multiplayer gaming. The amount of gamers that list MP support as their top criteria for buying a game is growing exponentially. While Sony’s PSN is not quite as fleshed out as Xbox Live, it completely rapes Nintendo’s lack of anything substantial. I highly doubt Ninty will feel the pressure to announce a Wii HD to compete with Sony, but introducing a plan to make a network that encourages online play could be the next best thing.

3. Sony & Nintendo are about to leave Microsoft in the dust. I know that MS is planning to release their own spin on motion gaming to the 360 via Project Natal, I just don’t think it’s going to have the impact they hope it will. In fact, I kinda think it will fail almost as hard as I believe the iPad is going to. Don’t sleep, MS will still be a major player in the gaming world, I just believe that PSMove & Wii are made by superior companies with a track record of releasing quality products. If you’ve ever been attacked by red rings or blue screens of death you know what I’m talking about.

Well, that was my nearly 700 word reaction to the only keynote from GDC I’ve seen so far, who knows how I’ll react if Ninty responds in a major way. I don’t think it’ll happen, but there’s still a lot more to come from San Fran, you can count on me giving you the best of what’s revealed. Since this post was extremely picture heavy, and stupidly wordy, let’s wrap it up with a brand new video from Big Boi of Outkast. Dude is ridiculous and the absence of he and Andre 3000 have left a gaping hole in the landscape that is hip-hop that will only be filled if and when the duo that put Atlanta on the map get back in the studio. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.…

Netflix Ships & Mario Gets Art!!

Spring is here and it’s brought not only warm weather, but the realization that I still don’t get to go to PAX. Yup, yet another convention is coming and going even though I’m not there. I guess they didn’t get the memo to wait till I got there to start. I refuse to believe that they got the memo and chose to ignore it. Surely TheSpin has earned more respect than that. Nah, they didn’t get the memo; I guess I should do a better job of remembering to send these things out before E3 starts…

If you are one of my faithful followers, then there’s no way you missed the news that Netflix is coming to the Wii. Well, I have good news for the thousands of you that have been patiently waiting beside your mailbox for that little red envelope to show up, your wait is almost over. Netflix officially started shipping out disks today so yours should be coming any day now. If for some reason you forgot to register for the disk, or aren’t a member of Netflix yet, follow the link to sign up and request your streaming disk today.

Look at Mario up there gleefully skipping along with his Netflix disk in hand. He’s such a lovable little plumber. Everything about the guy just exudes happiness and joy. Even the box art that is used for his games can make you smile. I bet when Reggie and Cammie show Mario the art for the first time before each game he exclaims, “It’sa Me Box Arttt!!” I’d love to be their for such an unveiling…I’m not going to lose too much sleep over it though, I can always find the box art and post it up here for the world to admire. In fact, I think I’ll start that tradition now with the box art for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.…